About us

Founded in 1980,?New Haven Chinese Language School?is located at Yale campus, College Street, New Haven, Connecticut. It is a teacher-parent co-operative school whose administrators are all devoted volunteers. New Haven Chinese Language School?is a member of ACS (Association of Chinese Schools), also the registered language school of OCAC (Oversea Compatriot Affairs Commission) in Taiwan.? NHCLS is a non-profit and annually insured organization with a board of directors, administrators and treasurer.

Students are assigned language classes according to language proficiency and/or age.? Different classes are offered to students with heritage and non-heritage backgrounds. Traditional characters are taught to all beginners. Pinyin is used as a guide for beginners and introduced more explicitly at a later stage, along with simplified characters. Classes are named after animals in the Chinese Zodiac.

The school year includes fall and spring semesters. Please check school calendar for dates. Because classes this year (2021-2022) will be entirely online, some teachers may adjust meeting days and times. If you don’t hear anything, class times will be on Sundays:?

  • 9:15 am –11:05 am

Note: There will be a 10 minute break during each class meeting.