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    Smart Cockpit

    Focusing on users experience, in order to deal with different kinds of scenarios, Foryou General Electronics has been using integrated hardware, software, system and ecology along with touch control, voice control, visual recognition, smart display and other multiple modes to interact with users. Our Corporation has provided its customers with an immersive cockpit experience that integrates driving, life and entertainment.
    ADAYO Automotive Open Platform (AAOP)
    For Software Defined Vehicles, an open platform is a priority. Foryou General Electronics has created an flexible open platform by hardware abstraction packaging, software layering and grouping, and module standardization.
    Reliable OS
    Automotive Components
    Full Function
    High Performance/Multiple Selection of Expandable
    Standard SW Interface
    Support SOA
    Remote Diagnostic & Log
    Log Recording...
    Easy to be Cutomized
    Layered Independent Development/...
    3rd Party Applications
    TAI/Flying Fish/PAI/HUAWAI Hicar...
    Cockpit Domain Controller
    Foryou General Electronics provides a platform which integrated with multiple OS and safety level functions to fit unique needs with high performance, high integration and high expansibility.
    High Performance
    Quick Response / High Reliability
    Multi-modal Human Machine Interaction
    Touch Control / Smart Voice Control / ...
    Multi-screen Seamless Link
    Multi-screen Information Display and Interaction
    In-car Perception System
    In-vehicle Infotainment
    From radio to smart connected entertainment, Foryou General Electronics provides customized in-vehicle Infotainment (IVI) products for customers through its core technology in appearance design, surface processing, sound processing, image processing, navigation and positioning, smartphone link, etc.
    Cost-effective Solution
    Matured Mainstream Solutions...
    Fast Boot
    Fast Radio/Voice/ Screen/RC/AVM
    Enriched Ecological Environment
    Compatible with Mainstream CVS
    Smartphone Link
    CarPlay/Android Auto/HUAWEI HiCar/CarLife
    Digital Cluster
    Cluster has been developed towards multi-screen interaction, and large HD display. Driven by year’s technology accumulation, Foryou General Electronics keeps optimizing the design tools and processes, and upgrading the safety level, to provide variety of clusters to customers.
    Reliable OS
    QNX's First Chinese T1 Partner/AutoSAR
    HD Display
    Function Safety
    Functional Safety ASIL B Level
    High-performance GUI Tools to Achieve 3D UI/Multi-theme
    With the development of display technology, Foryou General Electronics keeps improving the product designs, manufacturing processes and the equipment, providing variety of displays to customers.
    Variety of Categories
    In-vehicle Infotainment Display/Cluster Display/Multi- screen…
    Appearance Customization
    Large Size Display/Special-shaped Display/Curved Display/Slim Frame
    Screen-off Esthetics
    Full-black Design
    HD Display
    Digital Rearview Mirror
    Compared with traditional rearview mirrors, digital rearview mirror can provide wider field of view and clearer image of driving environment, which fundamentally prevents the vision from being blocked by objects in the rear of the vehicle, and enhances the driving safety.
    Wider Field of View
    1 Million Pixel Camera/Adjustable FOV
    Low-latency Video Transmission
    < 55ms
    Anti-glare/Rain-proof, Snow-proof, Fog-proof
    Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal...
    Appearance Customization
    Frameless Design/Special-shaped Screen/Lightweight Design
    Climate Control
    Foryou General Electronics has devoted itself to providing comfortable, safe, healthy, energy-saving and environmental-friendly climate control system for customers through its core sensor technology, comfort control algorithm and actuator control technology.
    Variety of Categories
    Manual Control/Automatic Control/Single-zone/Dual-zone/Multi-zone
    ISO7730 Comfort Standard
    Automatic Defrosting and Defogging
    Residual Heat Heating/Heat Load Adaptive